07/13/22 playlist

Hour 1:

spectrum – Lord I don’t even know my name – Soul Kiss (Glide Devine)

technicolor with flowchart – statewide sleep disorder

auburn lull – blur my thoughts again – alone I admire

readymade – the block alone

bing & ruth – I had no dream – species

yume bitsu – I wait for you – s/t

roy montgomery – jaguar meets snake – temple iv

schema – we think we’re sane – s/t

labradford – comfort – a stable reference

flying saucer attack – make me dream – s/t

Hour 2:

landing – where the leaves… – sphere

ride – ox4 – going blank again

mogwai – tracy- young team

grimble grumble – gossip, numbers, & theories – head 14

the american analog set – too tired to shine ii- the fun of watching fireworks

jessamine- your head is so small it is like a tiny little light – another fictionalization history

Tristram – aurora borealis – dream signals

windy & Carl – traveling – antarctica

slowdive – blue skied an’ clear – pygmalion

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