Postscript Playlist 10/14/22

artists – title – source

Hour One:

Aerial M – Dazed and Awake – as performed by Aerial M

Danny Paul Grody – Other States – Other States

Ian Hawgood – Inhalation – Colors

zake & City of Dawn – Galassia – The Silence Beneath the Bark V/A Compilation

Yume Bitsu – Truth – Yume Bitsu

Vashti Bunyan – I’d Like to Walk Around in Your Head – Some Things Just Stick in Your Mind

Uncle – Rabbit in Your Headlights – Psyence Fiction

Transient Waves – Slightly More Than Flight – Transient Waves

Hour Two:

Tomorrowland – Sunspot – Sequence of Negative Space Changes

Timonium – Continental Drift – Resist Education

Third Eye Foundation – Goddammit YOu’ve Got to Be Kind – Little Lost Soul

Ghost – Piper – Hypnotic Underworld

Asteroid #4 – Thank You R.E.A. (Rural Electrification Administration) – Apple Street

The American Analog Set – Too Tired To Shine II – The Fun Of Watching Fireworks

Surface of Econ – The Grasshopper King – The King Beneath the Mountain

Ride – Moonlight Medicine – Carnival of Light

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