Postscript Playlist 11/11/2022

A show for Mimi Parker

artists – title- source

Hour One:

Low – lullaby – I could live in hope

Low – shame – long division

Low – bright – transmission ep

Low – sunflower – things we lost in the fire

Low – lion/lamb – secret name

Low – Canada – Canada single

Low – starfire – secret name

Low – will the night – songs for a dead pilot

Low – shots and ladders 2 – Canada single

Low – fearless – Canada single

Hour Two:

Spiritualized – lord can you hear me (w/Mimi Parker) – come on now

Low, transient waves, piano magic – sleep at the bottom – rocket girl v/a release

Low and Mono – live in Vancouver, BC

Low – I started a joke – a lifetime of temporary relief singles collection

Low – last night i dreamt that somebody loved me – a lifetime of temporary relief

Low and dirty three – down by the river – low + dirty three

Pan American – code (w/Mimi Parker) – 360 business/360 bypass

Low – just like Christmas/little drummer boy – Christmas EP

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